My Amiga page

Brief history

First Amiga model, A1000, was released in 1985. Year after that two new models, A500 and A2000 were released. A3000 was released in 1989. A4000 and A1200 were released in 1992. Those were the last Amigas made by Commodore, which drifted into bankruptcy in 1994. After that the ownership of Amiga has changed several times, first to Escom. Escom got into financial difficulties and sold Amiga again. The current owner is Amiga Inc.

For some rather interesting technical information about both existing and almost-made-it Amiga hardware, look at the information about for example AAA (the Advanced Amiga Architecture) that was never released, AA (AGA) and other curiosities provided by Dave Haynie who worked for Commodore. Some of projects he participated were the Zorro III bus for used in A3000 and A4000 and the aforementioned chipsets AA and AAA.

Afterword - my opinion

31.12.2002: Although I was pretty fanatic about Amiga until around 1997, my usage of Amiga has dropped to quite low levels in recent years and Amiga users are very rare these days in general. However, I still hope that Amiga will survive in some form, even though it will probably never have the same popularity it once had. Amiga Inc. has worked for AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaOne, the new Amiga hardware platform which are now available for developers. It remains to be seen how these products will fare in actual market. Probably the best that can happen is a nice little niche market, but that would still be better than nothing.

BTW, I bought in February 2003 my first Amiga-related item for about half a decade - a new mouse. Now it's again possible to play Worms DC, which is nice. Maybe I'll even some day buy used gfx card or something else to give the old friend a little boost.

Midsummer eve, 2004: Yet another afterword update. The trusty C= 1960 monitor has been having some problems that might be related to the cold solder joints, which supposedly are unfortunately not too rare with these monitors. Additionally, the motherboard battery on the Amiga seems to need replacing although nothing has so far leaked down on the motherboard itself. I'll get these things done at some point during the summer, after I get some additional money.

Amiga-related external links

Try the Finnish Amiga-page of SAKU in case you are looking for Amiga information in Finnish.