About the contents of this page

This page is a collection of links to different graphics-related websites (galleries, software, miscellaneous) that I've found interesting


The coming of computers has made feasible the production of mathematics-based art in large scale. The most popular example of this are the fractals, but even the classical function plots can look rather appealing when rendered as three-dimensional surfaces with light-sourcing or other beautifications. Math can really be far more interesting than the dry lectures in school made you think...


I finally bought a camera that has more flexibility than "point to the target and shoot" in 2002. Some remotely passable pictures taken with an old camera with no control over anything are present at analog photo section. The pictures taken with my two digital cameras are correspondingly available under digital photo section. Finally, there's a mixture of both pictures available about the little, cute and pretty dangerous cats of ours, Keksi and Noki. The last link leads to a directory without any HTML frontend and some of the analog pictures are so bad that your eyes are in danger. But you'll have to live with that for the moment.

Ray-tracing / other 3D-modeling

Ray-tracing is a simulation how light interacts within a defined scene containing objects with varying properties like material, color and location. This can often produce very lifelike images. But because this is very computationally intensive, many programs offer simplificated methods that generate relatively nice images within shorter time.

Terrain rendering tools

Some 3D programs have specialized into a specific category. One such category that has interested me for a long time is terrain rendering. These programs have been optimized to render as lifelike images of terrain and nature as possible. I've been interested about these since I saw Scenery Animator for Amiga in late 80's.