My abstract representation

34 years
185 cm
90 kg ±10 kg
INFP according to the Keirsey temperament sorter
Marital status:
Steady relationship, not married.

My background

I was born in Kuusankoski in the late summer of 1972. I lived in Kouvola with my father and mother until 1995, when I moved to Lappeenranta, studied some 8+ years at Lappeenranta University Of Technology and finally graduated somehow in late spring of 2004. After that, I moved to Espoo and started work at Movial as a software developer (or something...) in the early summer of 2004.

My interests and hobbies

I have just a few very focused areas of interest, but quite a few lesser ones that I follow infrequently. The key areas include music, everything related to computers (I have currently Amiga 4000/25, two Linux boxes, one HP-UX workstation and a few Windows machines as my home computers), astronomy and literature, especially science fiction and fantasy. I especially recommend the works of David Brin, Robert Heinlein, Iain Banks, Stanislaw Lem and Terry Pratchett. Lately I've also become slightly addicted to photography; the less painful material is available in my digital photography gallery


This will eventually be added. Now there even actually is something worth telling.