My analog photography

Until the December of 2002, I used only cheap (but surprisingly tough; it's still functional despite getting some pretty rough time during the years) camera that did not include any controls for more complex things than the shutter button, advancement to the next picture on the film and lens cover. All these things combined ensure that I have very little pictures that I feel even remotely comfortable showing to the outside world, even not taking into account that those pictures are mostly shot without any thought as an act of impulse. But for the record and comparison, here are a few of the less bad ones. Click the thumbnails to see larger versions. This page is kept plain simple and bare, because of two reasons: First, I'm not probably going to scan lots more of my analog pictures to be represented in this page, because the generic quality is so low (and most of those pictures are not-interesting-party-pictures-of-drunken-friends anyway). Additionally, the low-tech look somehow suits the low-tech of the pictures themselves. ;)

Ancient Celtic site

Picture of ancient Celtic site

This picture was taken on our second trip to Ireland in early summer of 2002. It includes a small area of Knowth Megalithic Passage Tomb, found in 1962. The picture is taken from the Great Mound itself, at the side of closed entrance. It is surrounded by 18 smaller mounds. Sadly, this picture fails totally to give impression about the amazingly huge (especially considering that this was constructed several thousands of years ago) size of this construction. If you visit Dublin, you can easily check this place yourself; the tourism center has regular and cheap tours to this place and it takes only a few hours.

Glowing sunset clouds

Picture of sunset glow

This picture was taken at our balcony on some particulary beautiful late summer / early fall evening in 2002. The colors were more intensive than shown in the picture. Then again, I was positively surprised to see anything at all on the film. A manipulation of original scanned image even showed some faint details on the foreground.

Snow on still green leaves

Image of snow on green leaves

The winter came very early in 2002. The trees were pretty much surprised while still wearing mostly green leaves after a very hot summer. I went out with the camera to see if I could get any pictures of this relatively unusual sight despite the dark by utilizing nearby light sources and the flash of the camera itself. This picture was one of the least unsuccessful. The gray haze on the right side of the picture was a small cloud of very small ice particles, blown through the cone of street light, but the camera could not show enough detail to really see individual crystals. Despite all its shortcomings, I like this picture.

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