My digital photography galleries

Pictures on these galleries (currently mostly quite a bit out of date, see the and flickr links below instead for fresh photos) are taken with Canon Powershot G3, which I bought in December 2002, and Canon EOS 20D, bought in January 2005. I don not claim to be anything else than an amateur photographer, so most of these pictures might cause seizures to professional photographers. :) Some of my photos are also available at, a nice photography site. Some more relaxed everyday photos can be viewed under my Flickr account.


Astronomy has been one of my interests since about age of ten, so it is not very suprising that I've been pointing my camera to the night sky and tried to capture something. With the G3, the maximum exposure of 15 seconds was a pretty significant limit. Hopefully the 20D and the equatorial mount of the telescope I bought on August of 2004 will help in the future. Also, stacking several short exposures with software such as Registax or Iris helps somewhat. So far most pictures at astrophotography gallery are only loosely related to astrophotography, including noctilucent clouds and aurora borealis. Composition etc. are mostly non-existent; this is closer to documentary than art.

Nature images

I've tried to use the camera as an excuse to go more out and walk around, to get both fresh air and some nice pictures. In general, I find nature more pleasant to photograph than people or architecture. Some initial attempts are present at nature gallery. Maybe I'm just hopeful, but some of the later pictures seem to be better than the older ones...


At the summer of 2004, I got the weird idea of photographing all major rapids that are within a reasonable distance of my home, i.e. at Helsinki, Vantaa and other nearby places. These photographs as well as other water - centric photographs form my water gallery. This is more or less work in progress.

Travels, Miscellaneous

Images that do not fit under any major category are stored into miscellaneous gallery. Some of these might eventually be moved elsewhere, if suitable amount of images with similar category forms there. So far there is no HTML frontend, because there are only a few images at the moment.

Some photos of trips to Ireland in summer of 2003, in summer of 2005 and summer of 2006 are available. I have also been in Scotland in the summer of 2007. Also, photos from the WWW/Internet 2003 conference are there too. Additionally, some party photography does exist.

To be added: infrared and long-exposure photos. Someday.

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